24 March 2013

This post was written by Ebony Holt, a SVdP volunteer This week the classes of Ganamos included English, business, and crafts. They put their English skills to work. They learned about checks and balances and they got down to the nitty gritty learning to chart expenditures. They figured the cost of supplies down to the […]

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Dream Big

15 March 2013

This post was written by Ebony Holt, a volunteer with SVdP So we’ve all had those moments in our lives when we space out completely and live out our wildest dreams. You know the ones where you’re a racecar driver or a unicorn tamer? We all have them, even the Moms of Ganamos. So what […]

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Healing Wounds and Mending Hearts

14 March 2013

By: Gretchen Burnton Helen Rinne, a registered nurse, helps restore hope for patients who enter St. Vincent de Paul’s Virginia G. Piper Medical and Dental Clinic. “The patients that we see, often times, don’t have any other options. These people are feeling really hopeless about their situations. They think, ‘This is never going to heal, […]

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More Business!

7 March 2013

This blog was posted by Ebony Holt a SVdP volunteer So week 4 was a very interesting week. The Moms learned about potential roles within a small business. They discussed their strengths and the strengths of partners or family members who would be helping them run their internet businesses. There are several parts to be […]

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Ozanam Manor Hosts Open House

6 March 2013

St. Vincent de Paul’s Ozanam Manor, a transitional housing program for adults with disabilities and those ages 50 and older, is hosting an open house March 16. The open house will give the public a unique opportunity to meet with the residents of Ozanam Manor. The residents will share their personal stories and the barriers […]

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2 March 2013

Today’s post is written by Ebony Holt a volunteer with SVdP When I think of the crafts of old, I remember the first popsicle stick birdfeeder I brought home to my mother. It was glittery and lopsided and heavy with glue. Fortunately, crafts have come a long way and the Moms of Ganamos are talented […]

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Volunteers Help Serve Dinner With A Side Of Love

22 February 2013

By: Gretchen Burnton Vanessa Hernandez and Michelangelo Reyes have been dating for over two years. Vanessa is a pre-dentistry student at Arizona State University studying human nutrition while Angelo is as premed student at ASU studying exercise and wellness. The two have been volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul for three months working as lead family meal […]

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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

21 February 2013

Today’s post is written by Ebony Holt a volunteer with SVdP Can you say Profit Margin or better yet what is profit margin? The answer: A ratio of profitability calculated as net income divided by revenues or net profits divided by sales. It measures how much out of every dollar of sales a company actually […]

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Bike Program Gives Families Gifts of Transportation and Quality Time

19 February 2013

By Gretchen Burnton Two families were given the opportunity to build their own bikes through St. Vincent de Paul’s The Bike Shop Family Program, which provides bikes for low-income families who come to SVdP’s Family Evening Meal. The program is a huge help for families that otherwise may have to walk miles for dinner, but […]

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Volunteering Sweetened by Office Romance

14 February 2013

To celebrate February, the month of love, we are dedicating a series of blog posts to couples who volunteer together. Last week we introduced to you Dick and Carol Anglin, who have been volunteering in our family dining room for 15 years. Today, meet Chris and Paula Theotocatos, who have been avid volunteers throughout their […]

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